The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events.  These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and, by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules.  No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from the publication of or compliance with these rules and/or regulations.  They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator, or official.


The race director shall be empowered to permit reasonable and appropriate deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements.  No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall results from such alterations of specifications.  Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials.  Their decision is final.


On occasion when situations arise that are not covered by written rules, special rulings may be put into effect by the track officials.  Once such rulings are acted upon, they become an act of policy and will be added to the existing rules of procedures.




MOLER RACEWAY PARK is private property.  Spectators and participants are welcome to attend the activities at the facility for entertainment purposes, but the track reserves the right to remove person(s) causing a disturbance or interference with the entertainment on said property.


Every person who enters the pit and racing area, or participates in competition sanctioned or promoted by MOLER RACEWAY PARK does acknowledge, represent, and warrant that he or she has read, understands, and agrees to abide by the rules in their entirety.  Ignorance will not be tolerated as an excuse.  Application or permission to participate or enter the grounds shall constitute acceptance of the same.  Drivers/owners are urged to share these rules with their crew members.  These rules are effective upon publication by MOLER RACEWAY PARK, regardless of when a person is subject to the rules or receives actual notice of the rule(s).


Drivers are independent contractors assuming all responsibility for money received as a result of their activities including but not limited to income taxes, FICA, other witheld taxes, and workman’s compensation.  Drivers/owners are not employees of MOLER RACEWAY PARK.


Drivers agree that themselves, heirs, and assigns will be entitled to the benefits of the competitor accident policy procured by MOLER RACEWAY PARK for accidental injuries or death, which are the results of external, violent, and visible means sustained in speedway activities.


The competitor accident policy shall constitute the limit of liability of MOLER RACEWAY PARK for such injuries occurring to the driver in speedway activities, and driver unconditionally release and indemnify MOLER RACEWAY PARK, regardless of the nature of injury or death.


All persons entering the pit area must read, understand, and sign the Release and Waiver Liability, Assumption of Risk, and Indemnity Agreement.  Drivers/owners are urged to share the attached release with all crew members so that they fully understand what they are signing at each event.


In consideration of entering into any of the scheduled events, drivers, car owners, pit-people or agents, agree to permit MOLER RACEWAY PARK and its assigned, the use of their names and pictures and picture of the car for advertising and publicity before and after any event, and to relinquish all rights to any photos or sell the same.


Drivers must be at least 12 years of age.  Those under the age of 18 must sign the Parental Consent, Release and Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk, and Indemnity Agreement at each race event.  


Drivers will be paid by cash or possibly check for each night’s racing activities.  Earnings may be picked up after each feature event at the pay window located at the pit concession.  Earnings not picked up on the day of the event will be placed back into the racer’s point fund.  


MOLER RACEWAY PARK reserves the right to inspect all vehicles and trailers entering the pit area.



A person must be able to print and sign his or her own name on the required waiver to enter the pit area.


Armbands must be worn at all times.  Failure to do so will result in the purchase of another pit pass.


No baby strollers in the pit area.


No pets in the pit area.






Anyone caught dumping, or if it can be proven that they have dumped, anything that is environmentally unsafe, such as oil or tires, will be barred for ONE year, will incur a fine of $500.00, will lose all winnings and points for the season and will be responsible for the cost of any environmental clean-up.


When in the pit area, it is your responsibility to maintain a constant watch for your own protection.



The promoter and/or track officials reserve the right to reject any car and/or driver without recourse. Only suitable cars will be approved for competition.  All cars and drivers are subject to inspection at any time by tech inspector and/or promoter.  No car deemed unsafe or illegal by a track official or tech inspector will be allowed on the track at any time.  If a car has been found illegal, upon his next visit to the speedway, the car will be teched prior to the racing events.


It is your responsibility to know and understand the rules before you participate.


Cars that do not pass inspection or those that do not meet minimum requirements set by the track and/or tech inspector will not be able to compete, NO REFUNDS will be given, and any points and monies earned that night will be forfeited.


No mirrors, radios, cameras of any kind, or communication equipment allowed.  No on-board computers, or any computer adjustable devices allowed.  


Mufflers are required in all classes.


Courtesy Rule.  Any car from another track with minor rule differences may at MANAGEMENT’S DISCRETION race on that night, but will be notified of any modifications and will have to be legal on the next visit to the track.  The exception to this will be safety specifications which will have no grace period.


Arguing Calls.  No one is allowed to argue any call with Track Officials while a race is in progress. Calls will be made at the best of the Official’s abilities, and calls will not be changed. Abusive or improper language by anyone will not be tolerated at MOLER RACEWAY PARK. Any type of physical assault towards anyone may result in arrest by the Police.  NO fighting/un-sportsman-like conduct/verbal abuse, or unprofessional displays will be tolerated.  Fines and/or suspension will be levied if necessary to any situation.


The driver and owner assumes responsibility for all actions of pit crew, sponsors, and themselves at all times and shall be the sole spokespersons for the car and crew in any and all matters pertaining to the race and with officials in charge.  If the driver is also the owner, only he/she will be the sole spokesperson.


Anyone leaving his or her pit area to go to another pit area to cause a disturbance may be suspended by track management for whatever period of time is deemed necessary.


Firearms and any type of weapons are absolutely prohibited at all times on the ground of MOLER RACEWAY PARK, as the facility is private property.  At any time, the display of any type of weapon or threat of bodily harm may result in permanent suspension and arrest.


Any driver committing unnecessary contact, harassment, or using any driving tactic that is considered dangerous by the flagman or track official will be deemed rough driving.  This rule applies to hot laps, preliminary events, and features.  Reprimands for rough driving are covered in the Rules of Procedures.


Absolutely no fighting for any reason.  Drivers, owners, crew members, etc. fighting will be subject to a suspension.


No person signing into the pit area shall drink intoxicants and/or use narcotics during a racing event. Any driver or crew member who arrives at MOLER RACEWAY PARK under the influence of intoxicants and/or narcotics will be denied participation in the events of that day. 

No exception to the rule.  MOLER RACEWAY PARK reserves the right to check teams’ hauler, trailer, or race car for narcotics and/or intoxicants at any time.  

Any participant suspected of narcotic and/or intoxicant use may be subject to testing.  Refusal of testing may result in expulsion or suspension from MOLER RACEWAY PARK.  Any injured competitor that was determined to be legally intoxicated will result in a denial of insurance benefits.


No driver, car owner, or crew member will have any claim for damages or expenses against the promoter or any track official by reasons of disqualification, damages to the car, or injuries to the driver.  All parties agree that the track grounds are considered safe if they take part in the event. It is the duty of all drivers, car owners, and crew members to bring to the attention of track officials any unsafe equipment, practices, or any rules infraction of any car or driver,  The driver further acknowledges that the driver is aware that auto racing involves risks and that by competing in an event, the driver assumes these risks with full awareness and knowledge.


No public address interviews, display of signs, or paintings on racecars that use obscenity or profanity, or are considered in bad taste by track officials.


All drivers must have full fire suit and driving gloves.  


Helmets must meet ANSI Specifications.


Five point racing harness required.  Belts are subject to inspection at anytime.


Sprint Cars will not be pushed off unless the driver is wearing a helmet and are fully suited-the same goes for any car under power.


Excessive speeding in the pit area will not be tolerated and will be subject to a fine, or suspension.


Owners of the ATV’s are responsible for their use and all injuries that could occur.  ATV’s are not permitted in the grandstand area. Speeding or reckless driving will not be tolerated!


All drivers are required at any time to submit to a physical examination whenever requested by MOLER RACEWAY PARK officials.


Any injured or suspended driver or team member shall not participate in any event without approval of MOLER RACEWAY PARK officials.  MOLER RACEWAY PARK officials have the right to request a doctor’s release at any time.


The score booth and flag stand are off limits to drivers, owners, crew and/or family members and to the general public.


Rough driving and/or un-sportsmanlike conduct interactions are subject to penalties and/or disqualification to be determined by MOLER RACEWAY PARK officials.  This rule includes anyone connected with the car and includes conduct on and off the track.

You cannot drop down from late model or modified and run in support classes.

All required emergency personnel and flagman must be present before hot laps or competition takes place on the track.


Raceceivers are mandatory in all divisions during all competitive laps. At certain times drivers may also be asked to use their Raceceiver during hot laps.



It is the responsibility of ALL drivers to attend the drivers meeting. In most circumstances,

the drivers meeting will be held prior to hot laps. Any rule, format or schedule changes will be discussed at the drivers meeting. ALL DRIVERS will be responsible for information discussed at the drivers meeting. The drivers meeting is not a social gathering, your attendance and attention are mandatory.



All drivers will be allowed one (1) Hot Lap Session  If a driver does not make it to the staging area in time for his assigned session, that driver will not be allowed to Hot Lap. No Exceptions.



A car representative will draw a pill for heat race line-ups.  The car must be in the pits when the pill is drawn.  Pill cut off will be 7:00PM  Any late arrivals not pulling a pill will start at the rear of the heats in a first come, first served manner.  If a car(s) misses the heat races, he or she will start at the tail of the b-main or feature.


Cars are ranked in order by the pill that they draw, from lowest to highest.


Line-ups will be posted on the pit board.  It is each drivers responsibility to be in line on time. Track officials will not come looking for you. Please line yourself up for your event.  Cars will enter the line-up area as directed by the line-up officials.  Cars should enter the speedway at a slow and steady pace double file (with the exception of the sprint cars) so that we can go green the next lap.


Please note that the MOLER RACEWAY PARK lineup is used only for regular nights of racing. Any race event run by any sanctioning body, such as ALMS, ADRA, AMS, etc. uses their own system for determining their starting lineups.  



The Race Director will determine the number of qualifying heats to be run for the evening.  Cars are then placed in order for the heat races, with the lowest pill number earning the pole for the first heat, second lowest pill number earning the pole for second heat, and so on.  This is done until each car has a starting berth in a heat race.  Cars arriving late will start on the tail of one of their classes heat races in a first come first served manner.



If the car count is under 20, all cars will qualify for the feature race.  If the car count is just over 20, by management discretion all cars may be allowed to start the feature without requiring a B-Main.


WHEN THE HEAT RACES ARE RUN, the race director will determine the official finishing order. A specified number of the top finishers will transfer to the feature race, with the remainder of finishers placed into one or more last chance races.  B-Main races will be lined up in straight up order, according to the heat race finishes.  



All Late Models, Modifieds, Compacts, Chevettes, and Pure Stocks must participate in wheel packing if called on to do so.  If failure to do so, subject to no hot laps.



Safety lights and flags are to be obeyed at all times and strictly enforced.


No passing the pace car what so ever.  Doing so will result in going to the tail of the field.  If you are already scheduled to be on the tail then the driver will be charged with one caution.



The pace to be used for all starts and restarts will be set by the leader, and shall be at the pace car or pace truck speed.  Cars must stay in order side-by-side and nose to tail.  The pace may not be too fast or too slow, as determined by track officials.  A leader who sets a pace that is too slow or too fast may be sent to the tail of the field. 



All original starts will be double file and start at the chalk line midway between turn four and the starters stand. Front Row should approach the chalk line at a moderate pace, keeping nosepieces as even as possible. Once the front row reaches the start cone they may accelerate and the race will be underway. Any driver jumping the original start will be warned for the first offense, second offense the driver will be moved back a row. Brake checking on a start or restart will not be tolerated. If you change your pace coming to the green flag on a start or restart and cause damage to another car, you will be subject to be disqualified from that race with no warning.


On the original start and before one (1) complete lap is scored, if only one car is involved in a caution and stops on the track, that car will restart from the tail. If more than one (1) car is involved in a caution before one (1) lap is scored all cars involved in the caution that came to a stop will receive their original starting positions.


No Alternates will be allowed to start after the field has pulled away from the starting grid. In the event that a driver is unable to take up his assigned grid position, the following cars will be moved forward to fill that position. The grid will not be crossed and realigned. Alternates will join on at the back of the field, and not in the empty positions.


To receive any monetary awards you must take the green flag for that race.  In other words you will not be paid simply because qualified for a race.



After an on track incident that brings out a yellow flag, the car or cars that come to a stop on the racetrack, that were involved in the incident, will be those that are sent to the rear before the restart. 


If a driver is clearly trying to avoid an incident that has already occurred, and clearly does not make contact with the cars in the incident, then that car will be ruled as not involved and will be placed back into the running order where they were previously scored.  This call will be a mutual agreement between the Flagman, Spotters, and the Race Director. Please be assured that the Officials will rule on these as consistently as possible.  Do not expect to get your position back, unless official determination is made otherwise.


Any car that is involved in two (2) single car spins that are unaided will be disqualified from the event and sent to the pits.


Under Green Flag or Caution Flag conditions, the Race Director reserves the right to invoke penalties or suspensions of any driver whose actions are deemed to be overly aggressive, or fall into the category of “rough driving.” Drivers will be notified of any penalties that have been levied by the Race Director. All decisions shall be final.

Note: This rule is not intended to eliminate competition or accidental contact; however, it is intended that deliberate contact and/or over-driving, will be penalized.


Any car penalized for rough driving will be charged with a yellow.  A yellow will not be thrown for any car safely sitting off the track-racing surface. 


When a yellow flag is waved, all drivers will slow down, and remain in position.  There will be absolutely NO racing to the yellow flag.  Anybody caught racing to the yellow will be put to the tail. Track Officials will put you back in to your proper order.  If a yellow flag waves and no laps have been completed, it will be a complete restart in double file order, with the caution cars moved to the tail.  


A complete lap is considered completed when all the cars cross the finish line.  It is the scorers discretion to have a complete lap scored if all of the field has completed a lap except the car or last 2 cars on the tail of the field.  Officials will correct the lineup when they receive it from the scorers. Remember that scorers go back to the previous lap completed.  Failure of any driver to get into your designated position or not allowing another driver into their designated position as directed by track officials will result in a black flag.


If a driver has been stopped by an official or if a driver stops by an official for safety reasons (loose seat belts, debris on track, etc.), driver will retain their position. 


During any yellow flag period in the feature event, two (2) courtesy laps will be awarded for the purpose of changing flat tires only. The courtesy laps will begin once the car has reached the pit area/designated work area. The car will rejoin the field at the tail once the work/service has been completed. Once the car goes past the designated work area and back to the pits, the car can not rejoin the race.


All cars pitting under caution in the A-Main will be allowed to re-enter the race and will be scored as long as they make the one to go or restart signal. All cars that miss the one to go or restart signal will WAIT until the next caution to re-enter the race. NO cars will be allowed any re-entering of the race once the entire field has gone by flag stand after a restart.


There will be no pitting, or re-entering the racetrack during the Heat Races or B-Mains. Once you pull off the racing surface you are officially retiring from that race.



All restarts will be single-file with the designated spot (pylon, white line, etc.) in turn 4. Drivers must stay in single file order, strictly nose to tail and may not pass until they pass the cone.  All cars must go to the right of the cone at all times.  Anyone hitting the cone or going to the left of the cone will receive a TWO position penalty at the end of the race or the next caution which ever comes first.



Drivers should exercise patience on the race track.  Driver should respect the other drivers on the track. Please realize that nobody wants unnecessary and unneeded damage to their cars.


Cars black-flagged for blatant behavior such as rough driving, failure to obey officials, deliberately trying to stop the event, etc. will be disqualified and will receive the finishing position, pay, and points for last place of that race. These above infractions will not be tolerated at any time, no exception.


Any Disorderly conduct from driver or crew member toward any driver or track official will be disqualified for the remainder of the night.  Second offense will be disqualified for the remainder of the year.


Any driver who stops on the track to protest will be disqualified.




Any driver who gets out of their car or unbuckles during a caution period is finished for the race. Track Officials or safety crew members can advise drivers of any damage to their cars.  The driver must stay with the car, as it is towed back to the pits.  Any driver leaving their race car to argue with officials or competitors will be subject to disqualification and/or suspension.



Lapped be placed at the tail of the field in all races on restarts.  Lapped cars are responsible for holding their line in all races all the way around the track. If you run high stay high, if you are running low stay low.



Under red flag conditions, all drivers must stop as quickly and safely as possible.  Do not drive through the accident scene!  Emergency and pit entrances of the track cannot be blocked.


Emergency personnel need to get to the accident scene as quickly as possible.


During a red-flag situation no work of any kind and/or type may be permitted during the red flag period. All drivers must remain in their car unless otherwise instructed by Track Officials.


No one is allowed on the racing surface during the race under a red or yellow flag.  In the event of a wreck ONLY emergency personnel and speedway officials are allowed on the track.  Any crew member, family member, or spectators entering the track will be subject to suspension.  All of this is in the interest of safety.  While we realize the concerns involved during a wreck we provide the best care possible and will summon any family members, crew members, etc. when necessary.



There will be no working on cars on the track.  An official may check a car for safety reasons.  All work must be done in the work area.  Any car going to the work area will restart at the rear.



If you are involved in an accident and you have a part that is about to come off, we will attempt to remove the part or adjust your sheet metal or tubing so you can continue to race.  If we cannot remove or adjust the part within a very short period of time and without the assistance of tools or excessive force, you will be requested to leave the track.



If driver does not make the race in his/her own car, he can start the race in a qualified car but must start from the tail.  During the race no switching of cars will be allowed.  If you qualify two cars you automatically scratch your first time.  Inform one of the officials if you are switching cars.  No switching of cars will be permitted during a race.



Under no circumstances will a driver drive by or stop at his/her trailer before weighing after any race. The amount of cars that will be weighed from each race will be announced at the drivers meeting.  You must drive directly to the scales without stopping and line up for weighing.  NO EXCEPTIONS. Failure to do so will disqualify you for the race.



To expedite the racing program the following time restraints will be put in place.  Race time limits of one min. per lap such as 10 laps or 10 min. will be used in all classes.  Red flag time is not counted against the time limit.  If the time limit is reached under the yellow flag, the race will be restarted one final time.  When a time limit has been reached, cars will be scored as to where they would have lined up on a restart. This system will be used on all Heat Races and B-Mains.  



A lap is considered a lap when the leader has passed the flag stand.  Once the yellow or red light is displayed, all scoring stops.  Do not race back to the flag stand.  The remainder of the field will be filled in from the last completed lap.



All scoring will be done at the start/finish line.  Results and decisions will be made by scorers and/or track officials.  No videos, pictures, etc. will be used to make rulings.


No participant shall subject a scorer or any track official to verbal or physical abuse or improper language at any time.  The driver/owner assumes responsibility for the actions of their crew and themselves.


Only the driver or car owner as designated pit registration form may file a scoring or race protest.  All protests will be filed with the pit steward.  The driver or car owner will have five minutes after the results have been posted to file a protest.  


Any driver, owner, or pit crew member entering the scoring tower or flag stand will be suspended for a minimum of one week and may disqualify the car and/or driver for a minimum of one week of racing, at the discretion of MOLER RACEWAY PARK.


All disputes will be handled in a professional way.  The driver and/or car owner should present himself in a positive manner – one that is acceptable by those he or she represents, and those who are nearby. At no time will drivers and/or owners be permitted to discuss race or scoring protests or disputes in the grandstand area.


The promoter, flagman, and track officials will enforce the rules of procedures and conduct, and determine sanctions.



If more than one car exits the race on the same lap, their finish will be determined by their last completed lap.



GREEN FLAG – The race officially begins or signals a restart after a caution or red flag period.

YELLOW FLAG – Drivers must reduce speed and maintain position.

RED FLAG – Slow immediately and come to a complete stop.

BLACK FLAG – Disqualification/consultation, driver must proceed to the pits.

BLUE FLAG – Leaders approaching, slower car is to give lapping car consideration.

WHITE FLAG – One lap remaining in the event.

CHECKERED FLAG – Race is officially complete, race leader is declared the winner.



If a tie-breaker in points is needed to determine a starting position, the tie-breaker will be the best feature finish or finishes.



Points will be awarded if a racing program is rained out after it has started.  All cars that are registered with the Race Director for competition on that night will receive 50 points.  If all of a divisions heat races are completed, the heat race points will also be awarded.



Track officials may cancel a race if dangerous or unsafe conditions arise.  If the race is called because of an accident or weather, the payoff will be based on the last completed green flag lap.  All cars involved in the final caution will be scored at the end of the last completed lap.  For the race to be considered official, at least 50% of the scheduled number of laps must have been completed.


If all of the preliminary races or part of the features have been completed and the weather forces the program to be cancelled, there will be no "rainout".  Make-up features will be run in the subsequent nights, if possible, and no new cars will be added to the field.  Also, if all of the preliminaries are completed on day on of a two-day show, no new cars will be able to compete on the second day in a 

B-Main or feature, unless they were in the pit area on the first day.


If the races are cancelled prior to the completion of all of the preliminary events, a "rain out" will be declared.  Your tickets will be good for any race remainder of the year (excluding special events) at face value.  If an increased admission event occurs in one of the following weeks, you may use your rain check and pay the difference. No refunds will be given for the difference in the ticket prices in either case.


Exception: If feature event(s) is/are cancelled and the show has been considered a complete show, and no rain date will be utilized, the total feature purse may be split equally among the qualified drivers, if 50% or more of the feature has not been completed.  Officials also reserves the right to choose a scenario that best fits the interest of MOLER RACEWAY PARK, which may or may not include a make-up night or refunding of all gate receipts.



The decisions of MOLER RACEWAY PARK officials or promoter at an event, including the interpretation and application of rules and the scoring of positions, shall be FINAL, BINDING, and NON-APPEALABLE, except in the case of a suspension or fine, which is further explained in the SUSPENSIONS/FINES & APPEALS category.


All participants, as a condition of participating in an event, agree that ALL decisions of officials or the promoter, regarding the interpretation and application of the rules, and the scoring of positions, shall be NON-LITIGABLE.  All participants further covenant and agree that they will NOT initiate any of legal action against MOLER RACEWAY PARK, the promoter, and officials to challenge such decision, to seek monetary damages, to seek injunctive relief, or to seek any kind of legal remedy.  If a participant pursues any such legal action, which violates this provision, then the participant and/or owner expressly agrees to reimburse MOLER RACEWAY PARK for ALL of its ATTORNEY FEES and COSTS IN DEFENDING AGAINST SUCH LEGAL ACTION.



MOLER RACEWAY PARK will determine any and all suspensions/fines that are covered in the rules and procedures and any violation that may come up during the year.  MOLER RACEWAY PARK will make judgment on the sanctions and violator(s) will be sent official notice by a certified letter, return receipt requested.


The violator(s) will have the opportunity to appeal his or her sanction and must do so in writing accompanied by an relevant documentation within three days of being notified of the violation. MOLER RACEWAY PARK then will set a date and time for the hearing.  The violator will present his case to MOLER RACEWAY PARK.  Following the appeal hearing with the violator, MOLER RACEWAY PARK will conduct further follow-ups, meetings, hearings, etc. with any other necessary party.  Judgement then will be rendered to the violator by a certified letter, return receipt.



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