AMRA Rules

  MANDATORY: Driving Gloves, Full Face Helmets, Raceivers,
 Seatbelts (Not over 3 yrs old - Not worn or frayed)



If you are in this class you CANNOT run Late models or UMP Modifieds. You CAN run Compacts or freedom 4s.

BRAKES: Must have operating brakes on all four corners of car. Right front brake shutoff valve is optional. Brake pedal balance bar is the only adjusting device allowed on the car.

FUEL: Gasoline only, no alcohol. Racing fuel is allowed.

BATTERY: One 12 volt battery. Must be securely mounted and shielded inside frame rails.

TRANSMISSION: Bert, Brinn, Falcon etc. Must have forward and reverse working. OEM manual transmission must use stock cases, bearing plates and tail shaft housings for make and model trans being used. At least one forward and one reverse gear must work.
No mini clutches. Cast iron fly wheel, no aluminum, 10 1/2 inch minimum.

DRIVESHAFT: Drive shaft hoop is required and must be constructed of at least 1/4 inch by 2 inch steel and should be mounted at least 6 inches back from front of drive shaft. Drive shaft must be painted white. 2 inch minimum diameter steel shaft.

WEIGHT RULE: 2500 pounds. Any teched GM Part #88958602 Crate 2350 pounds.

REAR ENDS: Quick change or any American OEM.

SHOCKS: Steel crimped / spun tube top and bottom, non adjustable with a $80.00 buyout. Must have a fixed bearing and can have a removable heim joint. No shrader valves or remote resevoir shocks of any kind. No bump stops.
Some of Moler Raceway Parks Shocks Approved: If you have other shocks they must be looked at by tech and approved.

Afco - 1400 series, 1200 series
Integra - 4200 series p/n 310-421xx
Pro Shocks - WB series p/n WBxx

No altering of shocks

TIRES AND WHEELS: 8 inch steel wheels. No aluminum wheels. M30 or M60. Enforced fully beginning first race of May 2019. Old tires can be run until that time to allow burnoff of last years tires you may have already.

ENGINES: Engine block OEM Chevy 350, Ford 302 or 351 and Mopar 360 only. Maximum cubic inch limit 390. 602 Crate SEALED engines will be allowed with cast iron heads.
Intake and Carburetor must match the rest of the rules. Compression in each cylinder will not exceed 175 pounds maximum, Hot, no tolerance. Must be dished or flat top pistons. No gas ported pistons. 602 Crate motors will have 175 pounds or less compression per cylinder.
Harmonic balancer must be SFI approved. 3/8 inch diameter rocker studs maximum.

CYLINDER HEADS: Heads must be steel only with stock diameter valve springs. (Example: Chevy 1.260 not 1.625). No beehive or barrel springs, no stud girdles, must have OEM style stamped steel rockers. May use roller tip only, no full rockers. OEM type if factory is
23 degree valve angle your heads must be likewise. No porting of any kind. (This to include gasket matching and Bowl blending). No canted valve heads (Cleveland type). No spacers between heads and intake manifold.

CAMSHAFTS: Hydraulic or flat tappet (solid) no roller of any type. Must fire OEM (Example: Chevy 18436572) no 4-7 swap cams.

INTAKE MANIFOLD, ADAPTORS AND SPACERS: Any 4 Barrell open plenum. Max 1 1/4 inches tall. No porting or machine matching of any kind. No velocity tubes on adaptors or built into the intake of any kind. No porting of any kind, this includes gasket matching or anything to increase airflow. To be as taken out of the box.

IGNITION: No trigger type and/or crank trigger type. MSD or HEI (OEM) is permitted.

OIL PUMP: Must be wet sump only (in the pan) no external oil pump of any kind.

OIL PAN: Must be steel only no exceptions.

FUEL PUMPS: OEM style diaphram pump only. Must be mounted in stock location. No electric or belt driven pumps etc.

AIR CLEANER: Only 1 single round air cleaner. No air boxes.

CARBURETOR: 1 stock (4412) 2 barrel Holley. No modification except removal of choke plate. A straight open hole spacer allowed.

602 Engines: May run 4 barrel 650 cfm or 500 cfm part numbers 4777, 807777, 80541-1(2) or 2 barrel 4412. No modifications minus the choke plate removal. Straight spacer only, no sucker type.

No super sucker type spacers allowed. You may change jets, power valve and accelerator pump only. Must use stock metering blocks.
There is a $360 (cash only) buy out on any carb or trade claimer for his/hers. Driver must stop on front stretch to make claim  then proceed to tech. Anyone refusing buy out will lose all monies and points for that night.

EVACUATION PUMP OR SYSTEM: No evacuation pump of any kind on the engine.

SUSPENSION: Coil over shocks allowed on rear of car only, 5 inch springs. Spring sliders are allowed.

BODY: Must comply with UMP Modified rules. No spoilers allowed.

COOLING SYSTEM: Cooling system may be modified. Radiator and oil cooler must not protrude above interior. No electric water pumps or cooling fans. No sprinkler systems. Any overflow tubes are to be directed to the ground between the frame rails.

STARTER: All vehicles must have the capability of starting without being pushed or pulled. Starter must bolt to engine in factory location.

EXHAUST: May use after market headers. Exhaust system must be mounted in such a way as to direct spent gases away from cockpit of vehicle and away from  areas of possible fuel spillage. Exhaust header outlets no higher than midline of body sides. Dual exhaust only, no "Y" pipes or 180 headers.
No oxygen sensors allowed


1st   $400
2nd  $200
3rd   $125
4th   $100
5th   $90
6th   $80
7th   $70
8th   $60
9th   $50
10th  $45
11th-20th   $40

Moler Raceway Park
2059 Harker Waits Road
Williamsburg, Ohio

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