1. All judge ’s rulings are final. 1980 or newer cars. Pre ran cars ok. If running a pre ran doesn’t mean you can crease, tuck or weld on anything. We can tell the difference.

2. Cars must be 100% stock!!! No cross breeding. Entire drive line must be same as car. (Chevy to Chevy, Ford to Ford). Must be factory engine with stock exhaust.

3. Doors must chained or wired. No more than 6 places.

4. Trunks must be chained or wired. No more than 4 places. TRUNKS MUST BE OPEN DURING INSPECTION! No welding or adding metal. Trunk lid must be in stock location. No tucking, wedging, pre bending, smashing, folding or anything else you can think of. No welding washers for holes.

5. Hoods may be bolted in 2 places sheet metal to sheet metal. No all thread. May be wired or chained in 4 spots. ¼” chain or 2 strands of wire per hole. It must be sheet metal to sheet metal only. No welding washers for holes. Must be 12” hole in hood in case of fire. Hood must be open for inspection. Remove hood latch.

6. Must use tires. Must be stock wheels. Any tire ok.

7. Gas tanks may be moved or left in stock position. Fuel cell preferred but stock tanks ok. Must be secured and does not move. No more than 3 gallons of gas.

8. Windshield can be removed. If removed must run 2 windshield bars. One in front of driver other in middle of cowl.

9. The following must be removed prior to entering fairgrounds. Windows , headlights, tail lights, all chrome and mirrors. Interior must be swept clean of debris and glass.

10. Stock springs and shocks. No solid suspensions. Spring risers ok. Wire chains or any weld on rear end spring pockets. Cars must bounce and be stock. Bottom of bumper heights. Car must sit no higher 21” from ground to bottom of bumper. No lower than 16” from ground to bottom of bumper.

11. Do not strip car. Leave front and rear header panels. Strip only what’s specified!

12. Car must look and be stock

13. Paint front doors in contrasting paint. EXAMPLE: if the car is black paint doors white.

14. Do not strip under hood.

15. Battery may be moved inside of car. 1 battery only. If moved it must be secured and covered. If left in stock you can spray foam around battery.

16. Bumpers can be welded on including bumper shocks.

17. Read rules carefully and follow them! This is a cheap and easy build. Any questions call! There will no starching or bending of rules. NO REFUNDS!!!!!

18. Once cars are inspected they will be put in an impound area. No one is allowed to touch car in impound area.

19. A bar behind the seat will be permitted.


Brad Wagers (513) 602-5955 Or Dave Cook (513)378-5246

Moler Raceway Park
2059 Harker Waits Road
Williamsburg, Ohio

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